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We specialise in Invoice Consolidation

Managing multiple online booking sites with multiple different consolidation rules and deadlines can be a tedious and costly task if not done correctly and on time.


Our invoice consolidation service ensures that all reservations, modifications, no shows and cancellations are correctly consolidated.


At month end you receive one single consolidated invoice for the previous month's guest stays. This invoice will match the data held within your front desk system ensuring that you're always invoiced correctly.

Guest Forward Invoice Consolidation

Payment Automation

Dependant on the needs of your business, our payment automation service automatically pre-authorises all guest payments to eliminate invalid payment cards, prevent cancellations, no shows and fraudulent bookings.


If an invalid card is used to make a booking, a request will be sent to the guest to provide new payment details which will then be updated automatically once received.


Where cashflow is of concern, we're able to configure your payment rules to ensure payment is taken at the time of booking.

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